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arts and crafts

2008 together with the guys from stitchcode, Wilfried Satke and Richard Graf I had the opportunity to realize a beautiful live performance project at the Klangraum Krems (a former Minorite Church in Lower Austria dating back to the 13th century) where coding art, music and live generated images intersect in realtime in space and on a textile level. To get an impression how it worked see this video.

Live recorded sounds were transfered to a mathematical matrix which was evaluated by an embroidery machine. The system remains open for the process of musical improvisation and new impulses led to unique and unexpected machine embroidered images like this one.

beide stickbilder

stitch performance concept: Karin Heide
stitchcode concept: Andrea Mayr-Stalder
music / midi processing: Wilfried Satke
audio processing: Richard Graf
coding: Michael Aschauer
stitch operator: Dominique Raffa

performance photos: Joanna Pianka

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