My name is Karin. I am a Vienna based sewer, stage costume designer, cat suit lover, aloha shirt fan and fabric enthusiast. This blog is about sewing, learning, experimenting and dressing up (mostly not down). I love schick.

Very early catsuit design

Very early catsuit design

My story

I studied Philosophy, Film and Design. Originally trained in film editing I put a lot of creative energy in visualizing music for more than fifteen years. I produced some music videos and collaborated with great artists, musicians and DJs in different fields of theater, performing art, club culture and chiptunes music.

2009 I rediscovered sewing and since then I am kind of absorbed. Today my creative engery and curiositiy is bundled in all aspects of textile art (including new and exciting ways of showcasing fashion) and craftmanship. To cover my thoughts and feelings concerning all this would go far beyond the scope of a short introduction. In short: I started to sew at the age of ten, where I attended dressmaking classes at school for several years. In my late teens I cultivated a more DIY punk attitude and went through a quite productive phase of my dressmaking carreer (driven by saftey pins and scissors, not limited by questions like how to make a perfect hem and stuff like this). At a later stage there were style influences of russian workwear form the 1920ies and goth style (please note: very early cat content) and a growing interest in tailoring techniques and pattern drafting. The interest was stable, the learning curve rather flat. After a sewing break of just a few years I am back on track, still deeply connected with all things of glamour, extravaganza, boldness and rock ’n‘ roll.


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